CSaaS: Customizable Cybersecurity Platform and Service Delivery for Enterprises, SMBs, and Governments

CDC-ON® is a SIEM, SOAR, Integrated and Augmented EDR-XDR-MDR. CDC-ON® can save your business up to 50% on SOC delivery costs. Our team brings increased bandwidth and expertise for your specific problems.

CDC-On Cybersecurity

CDC-ON® and services are deployed by several government and critical assets.

What Makes CDC-ON® Different?

We help build or integrate your own unique and niche SOCaaS utilizing CDC-ON® that is customizable at code and API level.



We augment your staff with SOC L1/2 analysts. CDC-ON® takes care of the tough hours to allow you to focus on running your business.



CDC-ON® integrates/replaces any SIEM, EDR, XDR, and provides a full-service SOC platform custom built for your business.


Technology and Process

A comprehensive, scalable cybersecurity solution, tailormade to meet your specific needs. Our platform is 100 percent customizable. Guaranteed.

About Ciber Digita Consultants

Ciber Digita Consultants believes that digital security should be available and affordable to everyone. Through our zero-trust architecture and digital services, CDC stands firm: a rock-solid barrier against threat actors.

The future is digital. At Ciber Digita Consultants, we’re here to secure it for you.

How It Works

Build Your Own Custom Cybersecurity Service

Custom CSaaS Platform for IT, OT & IoT:

Custom SOC Service

CDC-ON® Base Platform:

Advanced Visualizations

Advanced Visualizations & Dashboards (SIEM)

Alert Remediation Workflow

Alert Remediation Workflow & Advanced Correlation E-mail, Cloud Security

Availability and Performance Monitoring (NOC)

Availability and Performance Monitoring (NOC)

Simple and Powerful Log Searching Capability

Simple and Powerful Log Searching Capability

Threat Intelligence

Built-in Security Orchestration, Automation & Response: SOAR, Threat Intelligence

Advanced Detection & User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Advanced Detection & User Behavior Analytics (UBA)


Our Clients are Happy They Chose CDC-ON®

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CDC-ON® can help save 50% on your SOC deployment and operations.


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